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Haldor Topsoe is a private company with a headquarter in Denmark. Topsoe is a world leader in catalysis, committed to helping our customers achieve optimal performance. We enable companies to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources.

We supply high-performance catalysts, proprietary technologies, process design, engineering, and services for use in the chemical and oil & gas industries, and we are at the forefront of developing sustainable technologies.

Topsoe solutions help refineries make the best possible use of crude oil and save energy in the process. Half of all the ammonia used to make artificial fertilizer is produced using Topsoe catalysts. Our emission management solutions remove pollution from factories, power plants, and diesel engines, so that residents of megacities around the world can breathe clean air.

Topsoe’s catalysts are developed based on in-house fundamental research. Close collaboration between R&D and production during development, testing and production of our catalysts ensure that we supply the best possible product, which is continuously evaluated and tested. Our production facilities are located in Denmark and USA.


The main activity of LLC "Haldor Topsoe" (Moscow office) is to promote Topsoe's technologies and catalysts on markets in Russia and former USSR countries, support and expand company's scientific cooperation and connections with industry and relevant government agencies and ministries.

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